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Power Systems

Power Systems Division
Christo Christov, Executive Director

The division is specialized in consulting and engineering services in the areas of high, medium and low voltage transmission and distribution systems. The division carries out electric power systems analyses and planning, preliminary studies, feasibility studies and conceptual and detailed design of substations, power plant switch yards and auxiliaries, overhead transmission lines, urban networks, automation, control and remote control, as well as development of tender documentation and assessment of tenders, equipment selection and work supervision of projects in Bulgaria and abroad.

The energy efficiency energy and environmental policy analysis, energy system environmental impact assessment, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions inventories, greenhouse gas mitigation policy and measures and emissions projections and approximation of Bulgaria energy and environmental legislation to the EC legislation complement the Division profile.

  • System analysis, feasibility and pre-design studies
  • Economic and energy analysis and forecasts, energy policy and legislation
  • Planning the development of energy systems and transmission networks
  • Power system modelling (normal operation, transients, short circuit currents, stability)
  • Intersystem lines, HV transmission networks and MV and LV distribution networks
  • Substations and electrical part of TPP, HPP and NPP
  • Protection, control and automation of electric power systems (HV engineering, relay protection, primary and secondary voltage and power control, emergency automation)
  • Energy efficiency, new and renewable energy sources
  • Environmental Impact Assessment report and complex permissions, assessment of the impact on the environment and water
  • Ecology, Climate Change, GHG, emission in atmosphere and Emission tradings
  • GHG Inventory