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Energy Institute

20 Joliot–Courie Str.,

Sofia 1113,


tel: ++ 359 (2) 963 4576
fax: ++ 359 (2) 963 4038

е-mail: office@eninbg.com


Energy Institute is a joint-stock company dedicated to providing science and technology-based solutions in the field of energy, environment protection and climate change sectors. To carry out its mission, the Institute implements a wide program for scientific research, technology development, designing and consulting services.


The company provide science research, development of technological problems, elaboration of design and consulting services in the energy field:

  • System analysis, feasibility and pre-design studies, technical and detail designs;
  • Economic and energy analysis and forecasts, energy policy and legislation;
  • Planning the development of energy systems and transmissions networks;
  • Projects for automation and digital control of the technological process in TPP, NPP and HPP;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the safety of nuclear equipment;
  • Development and implementation of software for technological process control;
  • Development and implementation of water chemistry control and conservation procedures for TPP and NPP;
  • Energy efficiency, new and renewable energy sources;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment report and complex permissions, assessment of the impact on the environment and water;
  • Ecology, climate change and flexible mechanisms.


Partnerships with international organization and foreign companies:

  • OECD
  • Siemens
  • Framatom
  • Belgatom
  • Kurchatovskii
  • Institute
  • Marubeni
  • Honeywell
  • Entergy
  • RWE Solution
  • Babcock Borsig Power and etc.