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Thermal Power Division

Boris Spirov, Director Thermal Power Division

The main areas of its activities have been studies and design for thermal power projects (electric and co-generation thermal power plants, thermal power systems, and boiler plants). Activities cover feasibility studies, technical and detailed design, consultancy, assistance and expert support, project management and general construction services, planning, technical and economic evaluations and budget estimation, organization of operations and maintenance, equipment qualification analysis, assessment of rest lifetime, quality assurance, on-site supervision and commissioning, acceptance testing and start-up.

  • Coal mining and fuel processing
  • Combustion processes and technologies
  • Steam generators, turbines and auxiliaries in TPP and NPP
  • District heating (cogeneration, heat plants, stations, transmission networks, local plants)
  • Gas plants, networks and facilities
  • Architecture and building structures
  • Computer, information and control systems, I&C in NPP and TPP
  • Water treatment, water supply and sewerage for TPP and NPP.